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Happy girl writing sad songs. 


Singer/songwriter Melanie Rogers, originally from California but currently residing in Seattle, says that she is: “the girl everyone knows as bubbly and lovable, and also the girl up late at night writing sad, moody ballads.” When asked where she gathers musical inspiration, she reflects: “We’re all such complex humans and I’ve always been fascinated by the beautiful spectrum of emotion available to us. That’s where I draw inspiration for my music - all of the amazing, intricate, and paradoxical places our emotions can take us.” 


Rogers’ third single “Fight or Flight” (releasing Feb 25th) brings her artistry to soaring new heights with shimmering vocals, crystallized instrumentation, and poetic, yet down-to-earth lyrics. “It’s about the push and pull of intimacy that I experience in relationships. When I originally wrote the song, I was in the middle of a whirlwind romance and I found myself at a crossroads where I could either dive in, or flee and run away. Both paths were intriguing to me, however that kind of indecisive dance will inevitably hurt the other person involved.” 


Those who contributed to the completion of “Fight or Flight” hail impressive credits: mixed by Seth Von Paulus (Christina Aguilera), mastered by Leon Zervos (Maroon 5, Rihanna, Pink), cello by Dave Eggar (Coldplay, Taylor Swift, Beyoncé), produced and engineered by Jesse Field, and drums by Remy Morritt. 


“Fight or Flight” follows her sophomore single “R.U.O.K.” and debut track, “Fever”. Described as “a chronicle of heartache” and “modern yet musically timeless”, Melanie’s music gives nod to her greatest musical influences including Ingrid Michaelson, Gabrielle Aplin, Vera Blue, LÉON, and Joy Williams. 

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